From Corsets to Consciousness

Take a journey through women’s underwear and its reflection of our place in society. It is not history – it is Her Story, exploring the changing attitudes of and towards women and looking at the ways women were viewed and viewed themselves.

With my collection spanning over 100 years, you can see the expectations and tribulations women have experienced from the inside out.


The constrictions of corsets when women were meant to be seen and not heard.

The 20’s

The suffragette women distorted their bodies to the other extreme of the new flattened boyish norm.

The 30’s

Women began to emulate the glamour they saw see on the silver screen. Latex, a heavy rubber that began to ‘conform’ to their bodies, was introduced.

The 40’s

Women had to fill in on the home front while the men went off to war. Natural fibers like cotton made ‘Rosie’ more comfortable while she riveted.

The 50’s

The shape became reminiscent of the torpedoes the men had left behind.

The 60’s

We’d had enough. The new generation burned their bras and others followed suit with the no-bra look.

The 70’s

Finding comfort with Lycra but still conforming.

To Be Continued…