Joyce Baran has touched the lives of millions of women who have worn underwear she designed for Liz Claiborne, Olga and Jockey in addition to private label intimates produced for JCPenney and Sears.



With over 40 years of intimate apparel design, marketing and management expertise, Ms. Baran established Joyce Baran Design in 2004 to develop products for brands looking to go to market with lifestyle-focused apparel.



Driven by performance and innovation, the company offers breakthrough thinking in the areas of design and technology and employs a seasoned team of designers, pattern graders, sample makers, fit models, CAD designers, and mechanics.

Services Offered

  • Design

    • Concept Development
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Merchandising and Marketing

  • Development

    • Branding
    • Prototype Development          
    • Pre-Production Technology          

  • Production

    • Patternmaking and Sizing
    • CAD Technical Fitting and Grading
    • Fabrication and Production Sourcing

  • Consulting

    • Product Direction
    • Patent Analysis
    • Innovation Strategies

Three Steps to Brand Development

  • Step One

    Identifying the Consumer

    The first step is to identify and understand the consumer, both from a demographic and psychographic point of view. We need to understand who she is as an individual and what she’s looking for in terms of fit and comfort.

  • Step Two

    Opportunities and Voids

    We study the retail market to understand the customer – often a retail buyer - to see what she has in stock and where the opportunities are. Our goal is to develop a product that fills the voids and creates the opportunity.

  • Step Three

    Prototype and Planning

    Next, we design prototypes and samples for the product line and create a merchandising and marketing plan. The client has a fully realized package with patterns, measurements and fabrics for the factory to produce.